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The Water Bar logo
97 Charing Cross Street
Branftord, Ontario
N3R 2H7


The Water Bar, “Your Local Water Purification Experts”

The Water Bar is a new locally owned and operated business, founded November 2016 in Brantford, Ontario. We provide:

  • In-house “U-fill” filtered water stations
  • Water treatment products; softeners, reverse osmosis systems, UV systems, softener salt, replacement filters, and various water dispensing products
  • Installation and Maintenance services
  • Water delivery
  • Top-of-the-line service by our knowledgeable and experienced staff and technicians

We at The Water Bar believe that as a small, growing business, we have the ability to ensure every customer experience is outstanding! We pride ourselves in knowing our customers and ensuring each interaction is uniquely tailored to their needs. When customers enter our store front, we try to welcome each one by name and always offer assistance in carrying their water bottles to their vehicle.

As our company continues to grow we will be investing new dollars in updating equipment and expanding our product/service lines to include renting and financing options.

One of our current initiatives is establishing a strong online presence to keep our customers informed of new products, promotions and events. Our Facebook page is a great source for interesting articles, giveaways and monthly deals.

As a small business, we understand and value the network created through establishing connections with other local businesses and being an active member in the community.

We hope that you will come visit us at 97 Charing Cross Street for all your water purification needs!



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